Adult friend finder breach dating a convicted sex offender

Getting exposed as a member on Friend Finder, an adult dating and casual hookup website, could be a devastating embarrassment for many people.And that’s exactly happened to nearly half-a-billion people last year.

Please select the organization you wish to subscribe to.In 2012, the professional networking site told 6.5 million account holders to update their passwords, but it wasn’t until 2016 that the true number of breached accounts was revealed to be 165 million.Linked In account holders are recommended to change their Linked In account password, as well as to seriously consider changing their bank account passwords and credit card numbers.The breach was exposed when a Russian hacker attempted to sell information from the breach online, but investigators and My Space executives say they still don’t know exactly when the initial hack occurred.Estimated cost: 9 million Linked In might be one of the best places to network for a job, but it might not be a safe place for your personal data.While it's the largest data breaches that grab our attention, even smaller information security failures can have a big impact on a business, reducing its credibility, turning off current and potential clients, and making individuals far more vulnerable to fraud and identity theft.In this article, we’ll look at some of the biggest data breaches ever and examine just how they affected the companies that were victimized.Many major corporations simply haven’t taken the right steps to secure and encrypt their data – especially the payment data and personal information of their customers.It may also be beneficial to realize that malware also played a role in many of these breaches, and that means that companies need to specifically take actionable steps to defend against it if they want to keep their data secure.The hack didn’t only affect Friend Finder, but also impacted a variety of sites and portals that are part of its network.Reports indicate that more than 400 million of the 412 million hacked accounts’ passwords were cracked even before the data was published on Leaked

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