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The longest passwords were "pussy.password Limit Exceeded:07/1" and "gladiatoreetjaimelesexetjaimefum", with a Blackadder fan in #3 with "antidisestablishmentarianism" and a sybarite who reads XKCD in #4 with "pussypussymoneymoneyweedweed." Hotmail was the most common email provider, followed by Yahoo and gmail.These three accounted for the vast majority of registered addresses, with AOL and Live an order of magnitude down.The hack exposed user information including email addresses, passwords, IP addresses and membership status.The company stored user passwords in plaintext or using the weak SHA1 algorithm, meaning 99% of all passwords could be easily cracked, according to Leaked Source, a breach notification website.If that sounds like anyone on your Christmas list, they’re going to get a lot of mileage out of the […] Online shopping is going to be through the roof this month, and you’d better believe that hackers know it.If you’re going to invest in a virtual private network, now is the time.As January 28 is Data Privacy Day, there is no better time to reinforce the importance of keeping information secure.We’ve collated this list of the biggest data breaches to show how personal data is constantly at risk of vulnerability.

The Russian hacker allegedly behind the My Space hack was also purported to be the mastermind of other attacks on social sites such as Linked In and Tumblr.After purchasing the Starwood hotel group in 2016, Marriott identified the hackers had unauthorized access to the Starwood reservation database since 2014.The hacked data included names, addresses and passport numbers.These security breaches affected some of the largest organizations in the world - and millions of their users.Date: August 2013Number of affected users: 3 billion What happened: In 2016, Yahoo revealed details of a data breach which compromised more than one billion user accounts.Especially when Windscribe VPN is offering its own holiday discount.- every day, how many times do you log in to a website or smartphone app?Given the reach and output of its new corporate masters these days, it might be easier to ask if there’s anyone out there who isn’t a Star Wars fan.So let’s narrow it down further: Do you know a Star Wars fan who likes to […] There’s much ado about coffee brewing methods these days, but most of us – at least on the busy weekdays – just want our morning joe to be consistent, easy, and most of all, fast.The number of usernames and passwords we have at our disposal is growing by the day - and hackers and criminals aim to have them at their disposal too, leading many to be at risk of some of the biggest data breaches of all-time.We’ve spoken previously about the importance of preventing data breaches.

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